1. I would like to remind IIUM students that are staying in campus to not panic and to remain calm. IIUMSU has taken note of the situation within the campus from the university administration.
  2. On the status of Person Under Investigation (PUI), the Mahallah Offices together IIUM Health and Wellness Centre are in charge of informing the students of the flow of proceduces in each effected mahallah.
  3. The red tapes that were put in certain cafe areas and mahallah are some indication for students to take extra precautionary measures to help assisting the process.
  4. As of now, there are no IIUM student or staff in IIUM campus that are tested positive with COVID19. Any news that stated otherwise are false and misleading.
  5. The mahallah cafes are operating as usual and you are allowed to buy from other mahallahs. Nonetheless, please observe your physical distance and practice hygienic steps.
  6. I pray for ease to all IIUM community and may we are protected from this pandemic. As the President of IIUMSU, I am responsible for the wellbeing of my fellow friends in campus.

    May He protects us.
    Amir Nadzim
    IIUMSU President

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