The Risk

I wholeheartedly hold to the concern and responses of our international family, our international students pertaining to the restriction of going in and out of campus.Humbly, all of us and you guys, the beautiful souls inside, did not wish for any entry-exit on campus restriction to happen. Most of us may have several commitments and responsibilities outside but everything seems to be limited once the entry exit policy came into effect.

Why did I follow the SOP and policies? I asked myself this questions at times. Because I am a local or Malay? Surely not of. For all of my friend’s info, from my heart, I decided to adhere to the SOP because Selangor is the second highest state in terms of numbers for Covid-19 cases, and Selangor alongside with Kuala Lumpur hold the largest population in Malaysia.It’s a big risk outside, whole new level.

“Gate are closed but why got cases inside?” The recent positive case happening is due not by being in contact with other positive patient, but due to having a history of being positive back in his/her country, and the virus re-appear. Yes this, is the challenges life offers in the absence of a vaccine. For now, that situations are under control, we are still blessed to live a normal student, learner’s life.Eating with friends, doing recreational activities and engaging with research in library is the same except with an addition of following to the stated SOP. Always, that prevention is better than a cure.

My friends, from the bottom of my heart, I see that the actual responsibilities to take care of your health and safety falls on the shoulder of the university. The university shall bear thousands of cost if one person is infected. We tried, they tried as well to take care of every soul there is here to be safe. Let us together find the solutions and common ground as time passed by, and as situation changes.

Every day, we would be pulling meetings after meetings to provide the best of solutions for every voices of yours, for every concern that was being brought to us. We duly apologize for any matter we missed to listen, to hold dearly of. We will always in the service to help all of you who faces hardship during this CMCO period.

The life outside may not be the same as inside. What differentiates is only the risk.

The risk.

The risk of being infected with Covid-19 inside campus is very very low, than outside. Some may say that people can live freely outside with some breaking the SOP. My beloved family, I humbly see that two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Covid-19 is way beyond us, and it is more than the story of us alone. Once we got infected (Which mostly we will never know or get the symptoms), all of our friends, roommates and family will be infected as well. An infection is not a bruise felt by one, but a cancer spreads to every beings who are close.I wrote my heart out this long to deliver my thoughts, that I too, wish to go out. Very much that I miss the fun and entertainment there is on the outside world but I believe that my responsibilities as a student and a citizen, I would never wish to take the risk of being infected, thus will also infects the beloved people around me.

I saw our doctors worldwide, struggling 24 hours round the clock to fight this invisible creature of Covid. Now that they are on it thus why can’t we, sacrifice a small bit of our wants and needs to fight this virus alongside?

Walking through until the end of this writing, I pray for this State of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur to successfully reduce the infection rate and cases so all of my friends may be able to go out freely, living the normal life we used to cherish. Local and International, we share the same hope. That one hope, of the normal life we used to have. We will have it back.

You are more than welcome to comment and criticize, for I hereby celebrate the voices and concerns there are to come. I am not writing this in the capacity of a Student Union officer, but as Amin Mubarak, an IUM student who sacrifice my deepest wish of going out, to ensure that my friends are safe, from this unseen virus.

Amin Mubarak
27 November 2020, 11.04am

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