Strategic Partners

GamesMY Esports

GamesMY is an esports organization committed towards establishing a healthy sustainable esports ecosystem in university by expanding GamesMY Studio to all universities in Malaysia. We care as much as the government in terms of the development of our nation’s esports team and achievements. It is our belief if we can start early with our grass roots, we can create more professionals in the industry at international level.

Majlis Belia Malaysia

The Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) is a Non-Governmental Organization and operates as the parent body that coordinates youth and student organizations in the country. The official establishment of MBM was on 9 September 1950 when the MBM Constitution was accepted and Sdr. FC Arulanandum has been elected as the first MBM President. MBM has been registered under the Youth Organizations and Youth Development Act 2007 (Act 668).