Office of President

Office of the President serves to lead and oversee the executive committee of the students’ union, besides acting as the main contact point for the university administration and other external parties. Besides attending to arising issues on daily basis with the team, the office currently is responsible to preserve student representation in policymaking bodies such as the Senate and the University Management Committee (UMC), facilitates the IIUM Student Leaders Assembly (ISLA), supports the relations with post-graduate community, and works on youth coordination for RCE Greater Gombak.

Office of Secretary

As Secretary General, you are responsible for overseeing the governance of the association and scheduling meetings (including taking minutes and distributing them to all members) on a regular basis with the university management on all matters. The Secretary would normally manage all correspondence. This involves handling communications via formal letters and emails to external bodies. In spite of this, you will need to be a competent communicator and deal politely with any invitation from outside or within the university.

Office of Treasurer

Office of the Treasurer is an office under IIUM Student Union that is charged with the responsibility for any financial matters within the organisation. Our role includes Account Reporting, Asset Management, Entrepreneurship and Sponsorship. Internally, the office is divided into three major departments. The first one will be focusing on Financial Matters like reporting and documentation. The second one will be focusing on managing our assets. The last one will be focusing on generating income and calling for sponsorship. Externally, our office should also be responsible to handle students’ issues which are related to financial matters such as Fees Reduction and Donation Drive for Covid-19.

Office Of Welfare

The Office of Welfare holds the responsibility of representing all students of all backgrounds and nationalities and, when push comes to shove, defending their right to quality education from all levels of authority not limited to university authorities alone but the government of Malaysia as well. 

This Office, when functioning to its full capacity, is highly interactive with the major stakeholders of the university and the student bodies who have the power to enact progressive change where deemed necessary. 

Office of Education

Founded on the notions of ‘education for all’ and ‘no one left behind’, the Office of Education serves as the centre of reference, research and policy recommendations on academic matters which largely concern the well-being of the students. This Office has both internal and external job responsibilities. Internally, we act as a mediator between the students and the University’s management by bringing forward their concerns to the discussion table for the betterment of the institution’s academic policies. 

Externally, this Office also regularly conducts research, such as surveys, to ensure the presence of students’ voices on any decision made by the University. The Office of Education consists of three main organs: the Officers, the IIUM Student Union Academic Council (SUAC) and Unit of Subcommittees. The IIUM SUAC was established to create a centralized platform for discussion on academic issues within the institution by gathering representatives from Kulliyyah-based Societies (KBS) of all IIUM Campuses.

Office Of Islamization & Student Development

Office of Islamization and Student Development is a newly established office under IIUM Student Union, focusing on developing students holistically imbued with excellence intellectually, spiritually, physically and empower the development of students to their fullest potential. The Office aspires to instil Islamic and moral values and incorporate the IIUM Sejahtera concept in every operation of the Union. 

Islamization and Student Development Office or briefly known as ISD focuses on several niche areas namely on da’wah, career & freelance, disabilities, environment and women empowerment. The Office firmly believes the development of students in these niche areas starts from home which is from the Union thus it is a paramount responsibility to achieve this goal holistically.

Office of International

Office of International is a newly established office in IIUM Student Union, mainly focusing on the International students’ affairs and the integration between local and international students, in light of making both work under one ceiling.

As a result of integration, there will be an equal representation of students who are from different cultures and backgrounds in the Office and soon, the Union. In addition, our office holds the responsibility of initiating activities with the concept of internalization in order to allow students to be connected, globally.

Office of Public Relation & Advocacy

The Office of Public Relation and Advocacy is divided into three teams. Firstly, we have the media team that focuses on delivering important announcements through every student friendly platform. They are also responsible for all the cool posters and videos for IIUMSU! Next, we have the engagement team that is committed in making sure IIUMSU are able to maintain great relationships from the administration bodies to all student societies on and off the IIUM campus. Lastly, we have the “turun padang” team!

They are mostly responsible for making sure the students are well versed in the role of IIUMSU in its early establishment.