Organizational Chart

Established in 2019

IIUM Student Union as the highest student body at IIUM exists to protect the interests of the students at the university and represent their voice in relation to other entities in the education ecosystem and society in general.



To build students’ trust through grassroots engagement


Holistic Excellence

To nurture holistic excellence in all our activities


Intellectual & Activism

To promote intellectualism and activism


We believe in becoming the champion of IIUM students’ voice by advancing student representation in policymaking of the education institution and advocating for student autonomy in benefiting the community


We are the strongest when we work as a team towards our common goals. We use our differences to the advantage of the organization. We are one body, that when any limb is hurt, the whole body feels and acts unitedly to improve. Any of our decisions should the majority vote as upheld in the constitution, while any stances should reflect the students’ voice via means of surveys, polls, etc.

We practice honesty, openness, respect, authenticity, and straightforwardness in our communication as these are fundamental to build trust. Trust is key to unity, and unity is key to impactful change in realizing our common goal.

We strive for individual and collective excellence. Our attitude, conducts, and behaviors should reflect competency, commitment, and continuous improvement. We respect especially our values, time, and team decisions (meeting minutes, etc.).