On 23rd November 2021, IIUMSU is delighted to have MRA as one of our sponsors for IIUMSU Foodbank Project. Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) is a humanitarian organisation with a primary objective to assist those affected by natural disasters and armed conflicts, both local and abroad. About 50 IIUM students have received Pek Prihatin from them which includes dry food and toiletries as the basic necessities.

Thank you for choosing IIUM students as the recipients of this Pek Prihatin.

IIUMSU Food Bank was also successfully launched by Special Assistant to Deputy Rector, Madam Zarinah Jan. This initiative was initiated by the Welfare Office of IIUMSU, led by Br. Firdaus and Sr. Izzati in July 2021 with the aim to become a hub for students to come and get the basic necessities including dry food and toiletries. Until today, approximately 300 students have benefited from this initiative. All students are encouraged and invited to grab the foods provided here. We hope, this noble initiative could sustain and continuously help our friends in need.

Secretary-General of Malaysia Relief Agency, Dr Shahrizal Azwan distributed the ‘Pek Prihatin’ to one of the students accompanied by Head of Operation MRA, Miss Siti Zaharah and President of IIUMSU, Br. Darwisy Roslan.
Special Assistant to Deputy Rector, Madam Zarinah Jan handover the ‘Pek Prihatin’ to the recipient accompanied by IIUMSU Advisor, Br. Izzuddin.
Welcoming MRA officers to a visit at IIUMSU Foodbank located in Wadi Budi Building.

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