January 2019

A mandate given YB Dr. Maszlee Malik to restore the prestige of University through the abolishment of AUKU and establishment of Student Union across all higher education institution, aligned with the 50th manifesto of Pakatan Harapan government.

24th January 2019

Establishment of IIUM Student Union Working Committee (SUWC) to provide expertise in policy-making and technical build up of IIUM Student Union.

11th February 2019

Official announcement to all IIUM students and public community to send IIUM Student Union Proposal that will be presented in IIUM Student Union Establishment Conference on April 2019.

13th February 2019

First Townhall on IIUM Student Union was held and hosted by Dr. Zaid Omar, Director of Student Development Sector, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education. This Townhall provide an early exposure to IIUM students on the idea Student Union, successfully involving 700 students to take part in the Townhall.

March 2019

Student Union Tour are held across all Kulliyyah and Mahallah through Speaker’s Corner for a month, to educate students on the idea and purpose for establishing Student Union.

15th April 2019

IIUM student Union Working Committee in the collaboration with Office of the Deputy Rector (Student Development and Community Engagement) held an IIUM Student Union Establishment Conference. This Conference serves the purpose to be a medium where all students and external NGOs would deliver their idea on the system of IIUM Student Union. This Conference in addition allows all IIUM stakeholders to discuss the direction and purpose of IIUM Student Union.

13th - 14th May 2019

Discussion held by IIUM Student Union Working Committee (SUWC) to combine all Student Union Proposals that had been presented in the IIUM Student Union Establishment Conference to make it collective and unbiased towards any parties or entities.

23rd May 2019

Presentation of the IIUM Student Union Proposal to University Management Committee (UMC). UMC unanimously approve the IIUM Student Union Proposal.

22nd August 2019

IIUM Student Union Working Committee held a courtesy visit to Registrar of Society (ROS) Malaysia. This visit serves the purpose to discuss the matter of establishing IIUM Student Union with registration under ROS.

10th October 2019

Dissolvement of Student Representative Council (SRC) 2019. Establishment of IIUM Student Union Pro Tem Committee.

23rd October 2019

The launching ceremony of IIUM Student Union