A Tie between The covid-19 pandemic and the higher education

Today, it has been 18 months since the well known ‘trend’ and ‘foe’, the coronavirus (COVID-19) arrived and made its way to dominate the world. Notwithstanding being so acclaimed, being the discussion of the media around the world, it is otherwise called the sickness that broke the year of 2020. Till today, as a student, and also representing the students worldwide,we’re doing our absolute best to not let the COVID-19 overwhelm our education and also our wellspring of education. Some sources said that in a matter of weeks, coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed how students are educated around the world. Those changes give us a glimpse at how education could change for the better – and the worse – in the long term giving it a tie between both roles. Thus, as a student and also the future ‘gen’ of the world, we will determine how to break the tie between the COVID-19 and education. 

As I stumbled upon a few sources and journals during my research,it gave me a brief look at thought and inspiration on how I ought not to make COVID-19 or the pandemic as an explanation or reason towards its effect on my education. It is inevitable and impossible to say that COVID-19 is not making things harder for educators, students, graduates and even parents. Be that as it may, as students, we must see and view this issue further than just being blunt saying “this pandemic affects my education and it sucks”. With this mindset, we won’t accomplish anything and will always try to find an excuse for our education. 

“Isn’t it better on the off chance that we bump and drive ourselves to change and adjust to this norm ? Isn’t this a method to beat this pandemic and make the pandemic our occasion to develop superior innovations later on?” 

What touches me the most is the fact that the pandemic does not affect merely the education system, but also on the economical and financial of higher education. Truly said, this is what we call a tie-breaker for higher education institutions, as they lost thousands of students and received less revenues to be on stand, especially ones that are not under the hands of the government. It said that, students demand for less tuition pay, students demand for tuition breaks while not understanding the institution’s issue to keep educating the future gens. Whilst, we students should be the one supporting the institution while collaborating and giving thoughts that could assist with building resilience in the educational and academic framework for the wellbeing of our own as opposed to being the ones to request more and more than the institution could do. Therefore, justifying the phrase above, I believe that in spite of the negative effects of the pandemic, there are huge loads of positive changes that are conceivable to reshape higher education in different manners.

All things considered, as an IIUM student, and furthermore the future caliph that holds the comprehension of Rahmatan lil-Alamin, this research has clearly uncovered me towards a couple of desires that I hope to get from IIUM notwithstanding being amidst the pandemic. I trust that IIUM could give their absolute best at nurturing the students towards being sustainable graduates without taking a gander at the negatives of the COVID-19. Furthermore, I hope IIUM will drive us, the students, to study even though the pandemic has affected the way of communicating with peers at a sudden level. To summarize, As one community, I hope that we would remain steadfast together on guaranteeing the best for the IIUM community and to consistently look further past that the cynicism of this pandemic for the absolute best effective likeness on how the pandemic could reshape the higher education in a positive side more than the negatives. 

To end this reflection, 

It is indeed, the pandemic is a battle, it’s extreme, it’s weighty and agonizing to not communicate face to face, however this is the thing that will assist us with being preferably more compassionate than we should be. Anticipate less, and adapt more. Look on the positive side, and move towards it. Education has no limits, education has no ends. It’s dependent upon us to make it our amigo or to make it the pandemic’s mate.

By: Ikram Abd Rahim

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